2019 Summer Class

| Camp | Classes June 2nd- August 9th |

Portfolio Development Package

Upto 100hrs -$1499

This package is recommended for high schoolers who wish to develop their portfolio over the summer, up to 10 hrs a week and also need to work more than 10 hrs at home to be able to accomplish quality pieces which can be submitted as a portfolio for their college application.



•                    Clay

•                    Mixed media

•                    Altered book


Additional Information


 UP COMING ART SHOWS: Irving Art Center members show

Current students along with the regular curriculum will also be working on 2d and 3d art, like Clay, Paper Quilling, and Mixed Media Self-portrait.


*Concept sketches –students learn to draw birds, animals, humans and everything they can imagine with shape, size,  placement and angle concept, this enables young artist to independently draw everything and anything.


1.      12 hrs  includes 10hrs class and 2 hrs workshop (choose one option)

This covers – Basic Elements & Principles of Design. (Modified per the skill level)

·        7-8  level 1 concepts* -sketching and pencil colors

·        2 pencil shading

Continuing students: $269

New students: $ 299 (including supplies)*


2.       24 hrs package- 20 hrs class and 4 hrs workshop- twice a week 1 hr class and 2 workshops (choose two options)

This covers -Basic Elements & Principles of Design.

·        8 level 1 concepts* sketch with pencil colors

·        3 level 2 concepts* from 2d-3d with Prisma color & graphite

·        2 -level 2 Water Color painting,

·        1 canvas painting size 9”x 12”

Student will be able to complete up to 14 art pieces and also get the Certification of Drawing level 1 and basic shading & water coloring.


Continuing students: $469

New students: $499 (supplies included)*


3.       36 hrs package – 30hrs class and 6hrs of  workshops- 3 times a week or 1.5 hrs twice a week (choose three options)

This covers – Basic Elements & Principles of Design, Water color techniques,

·        12 level 1 concept* sketches with pencil colors

·        4 Pencil Shading and graphite covers self-portrait, Animals with fur, Flowers, Still life from reference 

         picture and from live setup with light settings.  

·        4 Water Color paintings, landscape, flowers, Still Life, Animals.

·        2 canvas painting, size 9”x 12” and bigger


Continuing students: $549

New Students: $ 619 (supplies included)