Jo Moncrief Supply List


NOTE: Artist and/or Student grade paints/hues- tubes/jars/liquid paints all work equally well in this workshop.  You will be taught to mix any color using the following paints in my limited palette.

One of each warm & cool colors below:  (Jo prefers Liquitex, Liquitex Basics and Golden tube paints – fluid paint works but tube paints are preferred -  don't buy craft paints – you need to have acrylic paints that are based on pigments- look for the P (pigment) on the label.  Any questions, please feel free to contact Jo – 214 232 2914.

  • Warm & cool red – cad red medium hue (warm) & alizarin crimson hue or quinacridone magenta ( cool) note: Jo prefers both alizarin crimson hue and quin magenta  (any brand)

  • Cad red light hue  (any brand)

  • Cool & warm blue-  cerulean blue  & ultramarine blue – note: best cerulean blue is Liquitex Brilliant Blue – do not substitute any other Cerulean blue for this – do not buy Liquitex Basics Cerulean Blue

  • Cool & warm yellow- cad yellow pale or Hansa Yellow Light (PY3) & Diarylide yellow (PY83) (note: look for these pigments in your yellow paints)  Liquitex yellow orange azo or any Diarylide yellow is a very good py83 paint.

  • Dioxazine purple (any brand)

  • Pthalo Blue (green)  (any brand)

  • Pthalo Green (blue)  (any brand)

  • Titanium white (any brand)

  • Black paint – Mars Black (any brand)

  • Metallic *craft gold and silver-   *craft store paints –  which are the 2 oz. or larger paints like (any brand)

  • bring your favorite paints – Jo will show you how to mix your favorite paint colors

PLEASE NOTE – it is NOT imperative that you buy the above paints but you will see the best results if you do so and will benefit more from the knowledge in the workshop


        Plastic squeeze bottles with spouts –  Sam's has some really good bottles but they are large -  Item  # 595530 – in restaurant supplies - with large openings for loading paint – but any container with/without spouts will work (although prefer spouts for ease of use).   These are for storing mixed paints.  Be sure the opening is large for filling with paint.  Walmart and Sally Beauty Supply have similar items.


            Brushes – your preference but suggest watercolor style brushes.  1/2”, 1”or 1-1/2” flat wash brush, #4-8 round brush, #2 line brush.  Then bring your favorites.  Bring one brush that is at least 1/2” wide.


            Yupo, canvas or watercolor paper – your choice.  We are limiting the maximum size to 24”

note: Jo will demonstrate only on yupo or canvas.


            Canvas – up to 24” (longest side)  canvas for daily exercises (Jo will demonstrate only on canvas or yupo) –

             Yupo – minimum of 5 – 10 (max) full sheets of lightweight yupo – for daily exercises

            Watercolor paper – your choice – at least 5 or more full sheets – any weight – but prefer that you use yupo or canvas in this workshop.


Liquitex Pouring Medium – have a minimum of ½ gallon or more – put in a pouring bottle like a gallon distilled plastic bottle for ease of use.   DO NOT SUBSTITUTE – this will be mixed into all of your paints for fluidity and you need a lot of it.


Modeling Paste – one cup of your preferred brand – any weight works and Jo will provide this for the class – bring if you have it on hand for your own convenience


          2 large spray bottles for:

          Tap water or Distilled Water – OPTIONAL - for mixing large amounts of paint (5-8 oz) otherwise tap water is fine – your choice

          Alcohol 70% is my preference  - 90% can “burn” a hole in the paints at certain           points of drying & should be used within limits

           1 pkg. plastic paint scrapers (found in tile department of Lowe’s, Walmart & Home Depot) - 3 sizes in a pkg.

           Medium cereal plastic bowls – white only - Prefer:   HDPE plastic bowls at some Dollar Tree stores – 3 cereal bowls for $1.00.  These are not always available but excellent when found.  Jo will provide one or more (depending on availability) for each student.  No colors other than white please.  Styrofoam is a poor substitute for these bowls.

          - Paper towels,  scissors


          Disposable gloves to work in – this is a request but not mandatory and a good habit to form when painting with acrylic paints.

          Stencils, stamps, etc, – for making interesting marks.  We will be making our own stencils & stamps in the workshop.   

          Bring old acrylic or watercolor paintings that are not working – you must be willing to paint over these paintings – these make a great base to create new artwork.

          Jo will demonstrate using the Pat Dews Atomizer – expensive but worth the price , rubber color shaper, watercolor crayons, etc. - if time permits

Note: Jo buys most of her supplies through and – be sure to order in advance (2-4 weeks) to get your supplies.

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