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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to Ms. Amulya Chandupatla

We proudly announce Ms. Amulya Chandupatla as our Artist of the Month!

Her inspiring work is a testament to the power of hard work and creative expression. From pencil sketches to hand-drawn paintings, Amulya has continually honed her craft and perfected her art.⁣

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her success and encourage her to keep pushing her boundaries!⁣

Congrats from the Falakarts community!⁣

- Nisha Shah (Falak Art Studio)

By Vani - (Amulya's Mom) - "Amulya has always loved art, from drawing stick figures as a toddler to now doing landscape paintings as a middle schooler. We found Falak Arts and Mrs. Nisha Shah a few years ago, and watching her develop as an artist under the guidance of the teachers at Falak Arts has been such a blessing. We have seen Amulya grow in so many ways because of art in the last few years, not only as an artist but as a person, in the way she views the world and in the effort she has learned to put into things she cares about. Going to art class every Sunday is always one of the best parts of her week, and seeing her come back with new additions to her painting is one of the best parts of our week too."

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