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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to ROHAN REDDY VELMA

“My art journey has been one fun and spectacular ride, in learning and joy. I have been able to try out different mediums thanks to Mrs.Nisha. Without her, I wouldn’t have explored more techniques to use to improve my art. I’ve been in this studio since kindergarten, and now I’m in fifth grade. My art has staggered thanks to Mrs.Nisha and everyone supporting me.

Thank you," - Rohan

Rohan Reddy Velma, Age 11 years, is a very passionate and creative artist & is always ready to take up a challenge by participating in every possible art contest. Starting his art journey with Falakarts at a very early age of 6 years, Rohan has been a winner at many contests one of them being DART 2020 Art Contest. He worked with equal enthusiasm in online classes during lockdown too.

It is invigorating to see Rohan dedicating himself to what brings him joy. He truly inspires others!


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