Missed Class Signup


If you need to makeup a class, please click on the button below based on whether the student attends online or in-person class. This will open up a new page on which you can schedule your makeup class time. The page will show what makeup class times are available.


Once you have found an available time that works for you check the signup box next to that slot and click “Submit and Signup” at the bottom of the page.


The site will then ask you for your name and email address and will give you an option to create signup genius account. You are not required to make a signup genius account in order to sign up for the class and your email will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Falak Arts.


Please note that while signup slots can be edited and you can cancel your makeup class by deleting your name from the slot, signups cannot be edited or deleted 24 hours prior to the class time.


Furthermore, once a student has signed up for a class, unless the class is cancelled in time, the class will count as one of the student’s classes whether or not the student attends the class.


Sign up for In-Person Students only

Sign up for Online Students by levels

Our Lesson starts every week from Wednesday to Saturday. 


If a class is missed, try making it up in the same week to not miss out on the concept for the week. 

If you cannot make it up in the same week, then for the next week, you can attend attend your regular class & signup for one makeup class in a different medium of the same level.

For, eg. 

  • Level 1 - Drawing student can Sign up for Watercolor or vice versa,     

  • Level 2 - Prisma Basic can sign up for Prisma 2D or Prisma 2D can signup for 3D Prisma or vice versa,    

  • Level 3 - Acrylic can sign up for Charcoal or vice versa.


Advance payment of 3 months in summer enables you to make up as many classes before or after your vacation instead of one makeup class a month policy. E.g., if you are taking July off, you can attend twice a week or take two back-to-back classes in different levels in June and make up for July classes.