Missed Class Signup


If you need to makeup a class sign up, please click on the button below. This will open up a new page on which you can schedule your makeup class time. The page will show what makeup class times are available.


Once you have found an available time that works for you check the signup box next to that slot and click “Submit and Signup” at the bottom of the page.


The site will then ask you for your name and email address and will give you an option to create signup genius account. You are not required to make a signup genius account in order to sign up for the class and your email will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Falak Arts.


Your name will be displayed next to the time you have signed up for, so others know whom to contact in case they want to switch times. Please note that while signup slots can be edited and that you can cancel your makeup class by deleting your name from the slot, signups cannot be edited or deleted 24 hours prior to the class time.


Furthermore, once a student has signed up for a class, unless the class is cancelled in time, the class will count as one of the student’s classes whether or not the student is present.