Summer Camps


Timing : 12:30- 3:30pm Monday-Thursday                                                                Fees - $79 + $79 supplies


Signup by or before April 22nd to get 5% discount on each camp


Signup for more than 1 camp get 10% off the second and third camp fees.

MIXED MEDIA (connect with nature):-, June 5th - 8th Age 6-14 yrs.   

Mixed media has now become one of the most favorite and popular medium of choice for artist. It’s an artwork where more than one medium are used along with abstract objects, scrap papers, fabrics, beads, metals etc. to create amazing 2D/3D art work. Students in this camp will explore different color mediums like charcoal, watercolor, acrylic & ink . In addition they will connect with nature to create artwork related to beach, forest, gardens, and use the objects from what nature offer's as part of their art. Each student will be extremely proud to show their finished art work. 


3D DESIGN- June 12th - 15th Age 6-18 yrs.

The most exciting camp ever!! This camp will be divided into two parts- clay and paper sculptures. In the first part of clay students will be learn techniques like coiling, slab, pinching, braiding & sculpting in the second part paper sculpture students will be create 3D art on a book, embellishing it with paper flowers, paper rolls, beads glitters and creating an noteworthy piece of décor to showcase with pride. 


DRAWING & PAINTING: June 19th - 22rd Age 6-14 yrs.

Students in this camp will create 6 amazing pieces of art- learn how to create lifelong treasure with different medium like graphite, charcoal, Prisma color and water color.  Students will learn techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, stripling, reductive value drawing that will be part of drawing media. Salt, rubbing alcohol, cling wrap techniques will be part of water color adventure. Students will be guided by a professional artist. Students will learn real fine art techniques and creative thinking and not just crafts. Composition, perspective, color mixing, brush strokes and more will be demonstrated step-by-step.


OIL PAINTING: June 26th - 29th Age 5-18 yrs.

In this camp you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to paint with oil, covering a variety of topics including classical under paintings, glazing, surface treatments and building up the paint for texture. Students will paint different subjects each day landscape, floral, abstract and more.

NON TRADITIONAL ART WITH TEXTURE: July 10th -13th Age 7- 14 yrs.

Innovative, Creative, & a Fun camp! Students will explore different surfaces to paint their ideas, surfaces like wood, metal, glass, rock etc. will be used to create amazing art work each day. Art mediums like charcoal, acrylic, graphite and different texture material will be explored.  


POTTERY: July 17th - 20th Age 5 -18 yrs.

This camp is the most popular and favorite one for kids!!!

Camp focus will be on creativity and exploring the endless possibilities of clay. Basic methods of hand building—coiling, pinching, building with slabs and sculpting—and what goes into making bowls, mugs, containers, and sculptural art pieces. Our young students will be guided step-by-step through all of the processes, they will then learn to take control over their own art projects and tailor each one according to their own creative needs.


SEEING THE UNSEEN: July 24-27 Age 5- 18yrs.

A fun camp were each student will be innovative to create unique art work. Art is everywhere around you all it takes is a creative mind and enthusiasm.  Students will get blank piece of canvas were they would have fun throwing color filled balloons and then draw and paint what they see in that they will go home with a wonderful paintings at the end of the camp. More surface and ideas will be explored during this camp.


ALTERED BOOK: July 31st- AUG 3rd Age 8- 18 yrs.

‘Think outside the box, think outside the book is what this camp is about.  Wonderful pieces of art will be created on books and from the myriad selection of books. This camp best describes that, Art is not just restricted to paper or canvas. It’s a must do camp to get your child spark their creative spirits.


MINATURE ART: August 7th - 10th Age 8- 18 yrs. 

How wonderful will it be when a entire scene from your favorite beach vacation or park is recreated on a 1-2 inch canvas or a piece of wood or a 3D art made on a 3” base.  This will be a timeless piece to be cherished for life, this camp will be a unique experience for anyone who has a patience and eye for detailing.


At Falak Arts we strive to give the best creative opportunity in an environment best suited for the child. We also maintain a small student teacher ratio so each child gets a personalized attention. There are No surprises. No disappointments at the end of the camp. If your child has little passion for creative stuff we can enlarge that to a lifelong accomplishment. Our camps really is all about creativity and fun.

Let’s keep our kids away from technology this summer and do some hands on.



Falak Art reserves the right to substitute instructors in unavoidable circumstances, and cancel any camp that does not generate a satisfactory enrollment. Registrants will be notified of any changes.