About Us                              Falak Art Methodolgy

Falak Arts specializes in teaching young minds to focus, learn discipline, improve motor skills and gain confidence through the medium of Art. Since 2002 Falak Arts has been teaching painting to children and adult in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

At Falak Arts, each child progresses at their own pace; learning different artistic mediums depending on their inclination and capability. Located in Coppell, Texas.

Owned and operated by Artist & Fashion Designer Nisha Shah; Falak Arts also has courses for adults. As a successful artist, Nishas work graces the walls of numerous offices and homes. She gives back to the community by giving her students the opportunity to participate in the creation of murals for charitable organizations.

When you teach the visual arts you are really developing an individual's ability to see (perceive) relationships; in other words to measure accurately one thing to another.The basic introductory format is composed of three essential components of visual art:
The word art, from its Latin/French base literally means "to fit together." Examining this meaning, we can see that drawing and painting can be likened to cooking. Just as the culinary artist fits together ingredients (parts), so does the visual artist. In order to make a drawing of an object or thing, one needs to see its individual sections (how it is constructed). To draw, a person learns to examine and isolate each part back into a whole.
1. Form (shape)
2. Size (mass, scale)
3. Placement (relationships)

Using a step-by-step method (the simple to the complex) the student understands what is needed in order to draw successfully.
Depending upon students manipulative skills and dexterity, their program may include still-life, animals, landscape,nature drawing , drawing with observation, and copying of the great masters. To achieve quality results, proper materials play an important role in students' training. Students are taught not only what to use, but also how to use and care for their materials.