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An accomplished artist, teacher and mother, Nisha Shah grew up in Mumbai, India. She has received her Master’s degree from the renowned art institute in India, Nirmala Niketan College, worked as a fine artist, illustrator, fashion & accessory designer, participated in various exhibitions and finally moved to the Dallas, Texas in 2002.


Since then, she has developed various art programs which focus on building a strong foundation & has trained thousands of young minds to focus, learn discipline, improve fine motor skills and gain confidence through the medium of art. She delights in teaching children and adult courses in drawing and painting, in all mediums like prismacolor 2D, 3D, acrylic, graphite charcoal, watercolor, mixed media, etc. which helps them win art awards and build a portfolio & also conducts several art workshops. Her method focuses on traditional disciplines, techniques and tools necessary to release the essence and expansion of fully realized self-expression.

As a successful artist, Nisha’s work graces the walls of numerous offices and homes. Rich colors can be found throughout her works. Her love for nature inspires the occasional landscape and allows those explorations to educate her understanding of color. Her current aim is to further solidify her collection of self-portraiture, and trying to learn more about the detailed aspects that can be explored in paint. Her work is meaningful, but all her work is directly impacted by the fact that she just likes to paint. The process is sensory in all aspects. The smell of the paint, the feel of paint and canvas on her hands, the light, and the colors around her. Painting is fun, to put it simply. It has never felt tiring or burdensome to Ms. Nisha. 


She gives back to the community by giving her students the opportunity to participate in the creation of murals for charitable organizations. Her passion to give back to the community by helping the less fortunate kids, underprivileged & seniors through the medium of art, gave birth to her dream project PAINT A HOPE, a nonprofit organization supported by Falak arts to help through the medium of art.


To ensure she was providing students the highest level of art, she keeps upgrading her skills by taking courses at colleges . She has taken workshops and as a passionate learner, she continues to travel and learn from the world's best artists across the country.