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In-person and Online Class Regular Class Schedule - (May to September) & Payment links

Please make your first payment using the secure link below -
  • The same card information will be used for recurring payments for the ongoing classes.
  • No Contract - Can be canceled anytime with 30 days' email notice.
  • Please call or view the Fee Structure Chart below for quarterly/ semi-annual/ Annual discount/ Sibling discount options.
  • Kindly go through the Studio Policy to understand some ground rules.
  • Below given In person 1 hour & 1.5 hours Class Schedule will be available only from Sep to May. In Summer, we have a different schedule.
  • ADULT Class & online class schedule remains the same as below, even during summer.

Click below to view the Fee Structure Chart for quarterly/ semi-annual/ Annual discount options.


Registration form for 1 hour Class

Preferred Inperson 1- hour Class Slots

Registration form for 1.5 hours Class

Preferred Inperson 1.5- hours Class Slots
ADULT $139.png

Registration form for Adult Art Class

Preferred Inperson Adult Art Class Slot
Online class schedule.png

Registration form Online Class

Preferred Online Art Class Slots

Adhoc Payment - (Only for payments after consultation with Management)

Adhoc Payment Details

Payment Being made towards

Enquiry Form - In Person and Online Classes

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