Class Levels ...


Level 1


Techniques: Students learn the concepts of shape, size, and placement, and organization, and structure. Three-dimensionality is introduced at this level by teaching students to distinguish between foreground and background values.


Focus: Students primarily work on drawing 2-D figures to build upon their basic skills of observation and drawing while also incorporating design elements into their work by introducing them to various forms of artwork from abstracts to still lives.


Achievement: Students should be able to draw any 2-D image and should be able to make distinct foreground and background values and be familiar with various types of art.


Level 2


Techniques: Students are taught the higher-level concepts of human face and figure proportions, 1-point perspective, water coloring, creating different color values, and pencil drawing.


Focus: Students on this level bridge the gap between their observation skills and drawing skills by drawing, shading, and painting 3-D objects.


Achievement: Children will be able to intuitively draw any simple picture as well as any 3-D image and be comfortable with both pencil shading and water coloring.


Level 3


Techniques: Students will use acrylic, graphite, prismacolor, and charcoal and learn learn 2-point perspective, graphite, shading, as well as how to draw human figures with different movements, faces, and in different profiles.


Focus: We focus on increasing the students speed at this level and also work on the core of their artwork: their originality and creativity. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply their technical skills to create original artwork using references from magazines, books, and live subjects. We find that independent work allows students to channel their creative passions.


Achievement: Students have mastered the fundamentals of art and are expected to not only draw any picture within twenty minutes but to also draw any complex pictures they come across in their daily lives.




Falak Arts believes in connecting with Nature and ensures that the kids are taken out at least twice a year to observe and paint nature.