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This course covers an understanding of design composition and the principle of design.

The focus will be on drawing from 3d, portraits, and figure drawings will focus on this level using charcoal and graphite. Originality and creativity are a must for each assignment. Also, at this level, learn to paint with acrylic; tricks and techniques will be introduced to be successful at the medium.



Students will use acrylic, graphite, Prismacolor, and charcoal and learn 2-point perspective, graphite, shading, as well as how to draw human figures with different movements, faces, and in different profiles.



We focus on increasing the student's speed at this level and also work on the core of their artwork: their originality and creativity. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply their technical skills to create original artwork using references from magazines, books, and live subjects. We find that independent work allows students to channel their creative passions.



Students have mastered the fundamentals of art and are expected to not only draw any picture within twenty minutes but to also draw any complex pictures they come across in their daily lives.







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