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Where Passion Meets Devotion

Get in touch with your inner artist and relax as you design a unique pattern and connect with like-minded people.

Who is it for?

For anyone who would like to learn how to decorate their own ceramic pieces.

Whether you're looking for team-building ideas or you just want to indulge yourself, this CERAMIC PAINTING CLASS could be a great pick for you. You'll finish with a new piece every class to add to your creative collection and new skills too!

What do you need?

No previous experience is required to take this course. This is a beginner-friendly experience.
We will be creating and inspiring anyone who has never painted before to unwind, create, and paint for the joy and therapeutic benefits. We are all about enjoying the experience with us especially if you have never painted or worked with ceramics before.

Sign up and you may soon be able to design your own collection of functional objects that tell a story.

Limited seats are available. 

Charges $69 (for a month, 4 classes of 3 to 4 hours each every Saturday)

Frequently asked questions for Ceramic Painting Class

1.    Is it painting or glazing? 
The glaze is ceramic paint.  It comes in many colors.

2.    Would they bake in the kiln?
The glazes do have to be fired in a kiln

3.    Approx cost for the kiln?
Please google for Paragon Kiln Company in Mesquite.  The size kiln that we might need is Model TnF-1613-3.  

4.    Approx cost for baking?
The cost of Firing (not baking) is half the price you paid for the piece you are working on.

5.    Will the pieces to paint on be provided? 
NO. They must be bought by the students as per their choice.

6. Cost & address where one can purchase the pieces, tools & brushes?
M&W Ceramics 972-276-1881.  She opens Thurs thru Saturday, Ceramics in Garland, Tx.  

You must call for an appointment -119 N 9th St.  Garland, Tx75040.  

Another way is ordering from our caster. You can look at her catalogs and order them and she will deliver them to you.

Tools and brushes will be furnished in the first class by us.

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