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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to Ms. Lyla Chollampel

We’re proud to announce that our #ArtistOfTheMonth is Lyla Chollampel, who we believe embodies the ideals of our brand and community.

We chose her for her bold and unique works, her strong commitment to creative expression, inspiring art, and promoting a positive message. Congrats from the Falakarts community!⁣

- Nisha Shah (Falak Art Studio)

By Mitzi Chamakala Chollampel- (Lyla's Mom) - "Lyla has been into art from a young age and started informally drawing at home. After we noticed her talent and she won a school art competition for the district, we looked into art schools to develop her ability through formal training. She mainly enjoys graphite and charcoal the best. We toured other schools but liked the structured program of Falak Arts here in Coppell. The training covered the basics yet was fun for kids, which kept them interested in coming back week after week. We absolutely would recommend Falak Art Studio to others. The staff cares about students, and the school gives a wide variety of artistic options for students with different interests. We are also given information about various optional competitions in the area. They are flexible and accommodating for families in the North Texas area. "

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