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Student of the Month - Ms. Anika Agrawal (Age 8)

What do Anika’s parents have to say about Anika’s journey at Falak Arts?

Her interest in art was apparent at age 2 when Anika started drawing faces, raw drawings with an outline, mouth, and eyes.

Her coloring skills were clean and neat for her age level. She had started showing interest in other mediums like watercolor, acrylic, and pencils.

When we moved to Coppell, through a neighbor’s recommendations, we started her at Falak Arts. Her interest in arts has only grown since then. She is now experimenting with new drawing skills and advanced painting methods under-trained teachers.

We are happy she has come this far and excited about her journey into an artistic future! We definitely recommend Falak Arts for kids to develop passion and skills in art and should start at an early age.

What does Ms. Nisha have to say about Anika?

I am happy to announce Anika Agrawal, who is just 8 years old, as our Artist of the Month. Her artistic progress has been nothing short of astounding. Her coloring skills are remarkably clean and neat for her age, and she eagerly embraced various mediums.

Top of Form Anika's artistic journey is a testament to her commitment and talent, and her progress continues to inspire us all. Her story is a shining example of the remarkable growth and potential that can be nurtured when a young artist is given the right environment and support. We can't wait to see how Anika's artistic journey unfolds in the future.

Congratulations! Keep up the fantastic work, Anika! 🎨🌟

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