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We at Falak Arts believe that art can be a lifelong friend and a path to a better future & we must help our kids find their passion and utilize their summer holidays with accountability and accomplishment instead of endless hours on technology. This summer, we gave our level 1 & 2 students 60 prompts & were allowed to pick any 30 prompts as a challenge to create one art a day with the most creative, colorful & original ideas and submit them before or by 15th August 2022. We received a total of 95 finished well-drawn and rendered pieces…. & the WINNERS are:

LEVEL 1 (AGE 5 to 9) 1st Place Samraggi Banerjee Age 9 years 2nd Place Ram Vijayaraghavan Age 7 years 3rd Place Vijayadharsini Sona Age 9 years LEVEL 2 (AGE 10 to 13) Siddhi Singh Age 13 years

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