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Class Assignment of the month - "GAME ON" Theme

Get ready for an exciting month of creativity as we unveil our theme: "GAME ON!" We're diving into the dynamic world of games and how they inspire art. Here's what you'll be exploring:

Evolution of Games: From traditional board games to modern digital experiences, we'll explore how games have evolved over time.

Creative Thinking Unleashed: This isn't just about art; it's about sparking your creative thinking by blending the realms of gaming and imagination.

Your Creative Journey: From defining the essence of games to crafting your personalized list and turning ideas into captivating art pieces, we'll guide you every step of the way.

A Month of Triumph: "GAME ON!" isn't just an assignment; it's an adventure where you'll conquer challenges, infuse gaming vibes into your art, and create inspiring works.

Get ready to embrace the fusion of creativity and gaming in this exciting journey of "GAME ON!"

Let's make this month an artistic masterpiece!

Stay inspired,

Nisha Shah - Falak Art Studio

Level 1, 2 and 3

·Level 1 Drawing Assignments:

WEEK1 - Sports figure, WEEK2 - Hot-wheels Car, WEEK3 - Hop-Scotch, WEEK4 - Designing a book cover with different elements of art.

·Level 2: WEEK1-2 - Observation Drawings of Board Games, WEEK3 -4 – Create a Composition using Dices, Jenga, & other game pieces available at the studio.

·Level 3: We would like to encourage students to take pictures of the games around with the suitable composition and paint to use them to create their original masterpieces.

(Completion of the assignments varies as per the student’s skills and pace.)

Advanced Art: Observation & Portrait drawing, keeping the month's theme in mind.

·Journal assignments:

a.Week 1 and 2: Pick a word on a dictionary page and create a piece of art.

b.Week 3: Observation drawing of art supplies.

c.Week 4: Make a collage of elements from your summer vacation

Homework requirement:

Regular homework practice is required to master any techniques/concepts.

·Homework is marked in green on the curriculum sheet for each level.

·Additional homework will be given based on the student's performance in class.

·We want levels 2 and 3 (Watercolor, Prisma pencil, Acrylic, and Graphite) students to research and collect references for their homework mentioned in the curriculum. References can be found in magazines, library books, or from 3d/ life observation.

·Parents should encourage the child to do their homework with a fixed schedule, which becomes part of the routine and not a chore.

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