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Falak Art Students, MOTHER-DAUGHTER DUO ARTIST STORY - “What I saw in her, I became.”

Creating art as a family helps children to develop problem-solving abilities, self-esteem, and self-love. It is through art that families may come together to chat, laugh, learn, share ideas, and create that teaching occurs. It is possible for parents to use art as a confidence-building tool for their children. Lahri and Kriti are a wonderful illustration of a mother duo who paint together. Kirti (Age 8) began taking classes with her big sister and discovered a location where she could express her creative juices. Her mom, a physician, joined Falak Art Studio Adult Classes as a way to escape her stressful work, which inspired Kriti to take art more seriously. Because of art, Kriti has a companion at home who understands her art vocabulary and ideas, and now they share a special bond. Through art, Kriti has developed a special bond with her mother.

We at Falakarts are proud to include our students, Mother-daughter duo artists in our monthly newsletter for the next couple of editions.

"My Journey" - Lahari Kancharia

I, Lahari, have been working full-time with 2 school-aged children and learning oil painting from Mr.Allen at Falak Art Studio since July 2019. My journey with learning oil painting for the past 3 years has been very rewarding. I am glad I kept going.

From a young age, drawing and painting have been a major part of my life. Whenever possible, I drew, even entering a few competitions while self-taught. Art was always fun and relaxing. As time passed, art got left on the back burner as I pursued my education.

In my late 30s, now working as a physician, I had an interesting conversation with a group of good friends “ What would your profession be if it wasn’t your current one? “ A different profession was incredibly surreal to think about. With all this time and effort spent on becoming a physician, why would I change it? Suddenly the idea of an artist came into my mind. It had been a childhood dream when I was younger. As a kid, drawing and painting were fun, but it had been years since I had last painted.

The conversation about a different career sparked something inside me. What if I pursue my hobby of painting again? The only dilemma was to find the perfect place to learn painting as an adult without feeling awkward among kids. I wanted a great teacher to help me bring out my best potential, and I found that Falak Art Studio has an adult-only oil painting class with my amazing teacher Mr.Allen.

Mr.Allen is a veteran and a passionate artist, teaching oil painting to adults like myself. From the moment I stepped into his studio, the energy was so positive, with a group of like-minded fellow students from all walks of life forming a community of passionate artists. Mr. Allen always cracks his witty jokes and makes it my weekend getaway every Saturday. I can see my improvement in paintings with every picture I paint.

My eight-year-old daughter, Kriti, is learning drawing and coloring at Falak Art Studio. She always had a natural gravitation toward art, just like me. Falak has a structured curriculum for kids' painting classes, which starts with a good foundation of basics and gradually introduces kids to various art mediums. Nisha and all the other teachers have been helping my daughter blossom. I am so proud of her and all the hard work she has put into these drawings.

My friends ask me how I manage the time to attend painting classes every week while having a busy schedule. We all have only 24 hours a day to spend, depending on our choice and priorities. My family understands that Saturday morning is my time for painting, and I am not available for other engagements. Though I have learned one thing, it’s never too late if you love something.

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