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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to ANTARIKSHA CHANDRA

"Antariksha is an art enthusiast and interested in any form of art since he started holding his pencil. He has started exploring sketching, color painting, clay art, etc on his own and his interest was growing manifolds.

And then when we heard about Falak Arts from one of my friends, we didn't delay but put him in a curriculum-based program. Their experienced teachers not only guide the step-by-step process to learn art but also encourages and mentor Antariksha to participate in various art competitions. They closely monitor Antariksha's progress and move him to the next level of the curriculum.

Antariksha has been enjoying all the guidance and support that he is getting from Falak Arts. I can clearly see the improvements he is making with his artwork within a 5 months stint with Falak Arts.

I truly believe that he should be able to reach greater heights with help from Falk Arts. I highly recommend Falak Arts to all the parents to consider for their child."

- Mr. Rajatendu Chandra

Antariksh is an enthusiastic, passionate, and creative artist & is always ready to take up a challenge by participating in every possible art contest. He has been a winner at many contests; recent one of them being CISD's Holiday Card Contest 2021 - Christmas Art Contest. It is invigorating to see Antariksh dedicating himself to what brings him joy. He truly inspires others!

- Team Falak Art Studio

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