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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to JEZA VISCONTI

To watch Jeza paint is mesmerizing she is meticulous in her strokes, but it is obvious she enjoys placing every brush stroke precisely where it should be. To allow your eyes to wander through her painting is a delight as Jeza includes surprising details that make her paintings so realistic & alive. Her family has always supported her artistic ambitions and encouraged her to create. I am so proud of Jeza.

- Nisha Shah (Falak Art Studio)

By REBECCA VISCONTI - (JEZA's Mom) - "Jeza was 2 years old the first time she declared she wanted to be an artist when she grew up and has never wavered in her passion. Her preschool teacher even noted how intensely she enjoyed finger painting and would allow her extra time to do the artwork. She lives and breathes art, seeing the world in a different way than most others, and we do whatever we can to support her, as we understand it's rare for a child to be so certain about what they were put on this Earth to do. While she loves experimenting with all art forms, her favorite mediums today are painting and modeling (sculpture). We found Falak Art Studio through a good friend and, after only a few classes, realized it was the best program we could put Jeza in. We appreciate the planned-out curriculum that takes children through an intentional series of techniques to build up their skills. We also love the passion and enthusiasm Nisha and the other instructors have. Falak Art Studio is a home for Jeza where she can truly be herself. She looks forward to every class and always comes home with pride in her accomplishments. We highly recommend them!"

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