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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to Ms. SIRI CHERUKURI

Siri's paintings always amaze us. she knows how to convey a message through her art. "We are so proud of you. Keep doing your best work. Your artmaking helped to inspire other people to be creative. Art is important to process our human experience, and we appreciate the different perspectives and conversations that your art contributes. Our mission is to help you succeed as professional artists, and we are here for you always. " - Nisha Shah (Falak Art Studio)

By Manjeera Cherukuri - (Siri's Mom) - "Siri has loved making art since she was in elementary school. She’s been with Falak Arts since she was 8 years old. Her favorite medium is charcoal because she likes the result of the smooth blending. We chose Falak Arts because the teachers always motivate the students to try new things and learn more about art. Falak Arts helped Siri grow as an artist and find her true passion for it."

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