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Falakarts Student of the Month Award goes to Thaarunika Thiyagarajan

Thank you, Thaarunika, for continuing to create, going online, and trying new ways of being an artist. We are so proud of you for proving that no matter what is happening in the world, if there is a will, there’s a way. Your selection as an artist of the month is a well-deserved recognition of your incredible talent and hard work. Your dedication to your craft is admirable, and I do not doubt that you will continue to create stunning pieces for many years. Keep up the good work!

- Nisha Shah (Falak Art Studio)

Team Falakart is very proud of Thaarunika and wishes her lots of success!

By Thaarunika Thiyagarajan - “I began to draw at the age of seven, and soon it became my passion. The first thing I choose to do with my free time is draw. Especially, I admired pencil drawings, getting realistic pictures with shades of gray. A year and a half ago, when my parents were looking for the best place for me to learn and sharpen my painting skills, they found FalakArts. Since then, with the help of Mrs. Nisha and friendly teachers, I have been enhancing the depth and breadth of my painting skills with Prisma and Acrylic through remote learning. There is much more for me to learn, grow, and have fun with at FalakArts. I take this moment to thank my teachers and Mrs. Nisha. I would recommend FalakArts if anyone is looking for the best art institution.“

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