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Our Summer Art Classes and Camps in Full Swing!

We are delighted to showcase the ongoing work of our talented students from our ongoing summer art classes and art camps! 🎨✨

From vibrant paintings to Wearable outfits, our young artists have been unleashing their creativity and enthusiastically exploring various art forms. Their dedication and passion are evident in every brushstroke and detail of their artwork.

Our summer art programs have provided a platform for these budding artists to express themselves, learn new techniques, and develop their artistic skills. We couldn't be prouder of their progress and growth throughout the summer.

These snapshots capture our students' joy, imagination, and sheer talent.

We look forward to our students' continued artistic exploration and development as the summer progresses. We are still enrolling students for July Art Classes! Check out details at or call us on +1 972 352 1279

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