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Student of the Month - Ms. Varshini Avula (Age 13)

What does Mom (Jyothi Avula) have to say about Varshni’s journey at Falak Arts?

We are happy to learn that Varshini has been selected ‘Artist of the Month.’ Since her preschool days, Varshini has shown a keen interest in art. We heard about Falak Arts through one of our friends who sent their kids there. Varshini has been going to Falak Arts for the last six years.

Over the years at the Studio, she improved her skills in various drawing styles, including charcoal, Prismacolor, graphite, digital, and any pencil-related medium. Along the way, she was encouraged to participate in multiple drawing competitions at the school/local district that won her recognition.

Falak Arts has a great set of instructors who have taken a keen interest in her growth as an artist. Although the studio had a lot of students, Ms. Nisha took note of her students’ learning styles and personally took time to coach them. At regular intervals, she communicated with us about Varshini’s learning needs.

Varshini continues to show confidence and maturity in her drawing abilities. More recently, she took on opportunities to teach and volunteer at the Studio.

We highly recommend Falak Arts to any parents and students who may be looking for a good learning center for art.


What does Nisha have to say about Varshini?

I am very proud of Varshni Avula!! Her artistic journey began six years ago at Falak Art Studio, and since then, she has exceeded my expectations. Varshini is a remarkable combination of hard work, dedication, and patience.

Varshini quickly mastered every medium she explored and became the youngest advanced student at Falak Arts. Her passion for art has earned her many recognitions at school, local, district, and national levels.

What sets her apart is her generosity as she spends countless hours creating art, gifting it to friends, family, and teachers at school. She selflessly spreads happiness by devoting numerous hours to teaching and volunteering for various art events.

Congratulations, Varshini, on this well-deserved honor. Your commitment and talent are truly inspiring.

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