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The Young Prodigy: Aarshi Das, Age 10 - Artist of the Month

-Abhisek Das

(Aarshi’s Dad)

Aarshi Das takes the spotlight as our featured Artist of the Month at Falak Art Studio! 🎨🌟

Aarshi, at the tender age of 10, has demonstrated exceptional creativity and passion for art that truly sets her apart. Her unique perspective and imaginative flair shine through in every stroke, leaving us inspired and in awe.

Join us in celebrating Aarshi's artistic journey and

the vibrant energy she brings to our studio. Her dedication to the craft serves as a beacon of inspiration for fellow artists and enthusiasts alike.

Congratulations, Aarshi, on this well-deserved recognition! Bravo, Aarshi! 🏆👩‍🎨

-Nisha Shah

Falak Art Studio

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