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Student of the Month - Ms. Saanvi Gunjati (Age 13)

"Saanvi is very passionate about art and it means the world to her. For her, art is not just drawing but a way to express and tell a story. Saanvi has been going to Falakarts for over 4 years now and got to learn and experience different forms of art and techniques. She started with crayons and color pencils and gradually picked up graphite, prisma, and acrylic paints. The teachers at Falakarts are very methodical and super helpful. She has come a long way and won multiple artwork prizes. All her friends and teachers call her "Artist."

- Meenaxi - (Saanvi's Mom)

"We are thrilled to honor Saanvi Gunjati, our 12-year-old Artist of the Month! With us for over 4 years, Saanvi's sincere passion and dedication have left us in awe. Her talent, creativity, and meaningful art have inspired us all. Let's celebrate Saanvi's remarkable journey as an artist and the bright future that lies ahead. Congratulations, Saanvi!" - Falak Art Studio

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